MySQL - Using Option Files with CLI Client Tools

The MySQL CLI client tools such as mysql and mysqldump have the ability to read options from a file. This serves as an alternative to supplying each required option as a command line argument. This is particularly useful when automating MySQL tasks, it saves having to devise your own config...

Retrieve All Github Issues in Which a User is Involved

Occasionally I want to check the status of all the open issues on GitHub to which I’ve contributed or been mentioned by others. I keep forgetting the query string syntax to do so, hence why I’m documenting it here:

WeeChat IRC Client - Formatting Bridge Bot Output

In order for a community (such as the participants of an open source project) to collaborate online in real-time, a chat platform is required. Some communities have adopted multiple platforms such as IRC, Slack and Discord. Consequently a means of bridging these platforms together is required so that the users...

Windows Version and Build Number

This post demonstrates some techniques for obtaining Windows version information along with advice on what to avoid. For older Windows operating systems (XP/2003 to 8.1/2012 R2) acquiring the version number was a somewhat simple endeavour. Starting with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, releases consist of two parts, a version...

A Cross-Platform Technique for Obtaining Username with PowerShell Core

While developing a PowerShell Core script I required a means of obtaining the username of the account under which it was run. Since the script was intended to be used on both Windows and GNU/Linux I sought a technique that would work on both platforms.

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